The metropolis of Abidjan (aka Yamoussoukro, Yamo), was an african town before the October reset. It was the capital of the biggest nation on the server with population of 60.

Abidjan (Yamoussoukro)
Some attributes
Nation West Africa
King (Mayor) 7_17builderS
Foundation August 2014
Location Ivory Coast, West Africa, Northern Hemisphere, Africa, Planet Earth

History Edit

It was created by 7_17builderS in August, 2014, as the new capital of WestAfrika, instead of Axim, the other big metropolis. It grew very fast and became a big and modern town, full of skyscrapers. After the 7_17builderS scandal, in the first half of September, builderS destroyed the town with TNT. He also destroyed Axim.


Abidjan was the hub of server's economy and culture before the October Reset.

Features Edit

Buildings and monuments Edit

It was a big town, with relatively narrow streets and tall buildings. The first skyscraper in the town was brought by DONREPANOCHA's Pancompany (the madritian multinational) as its Yamoussoukro's offices, a type of branch. The tallest building in the city was the Yamoussoukro Trade Tower (it was never finished) made for growing cocoa.

Economy Edit

Probably centered in important administrative activities and trade/commerce. The construction was also important, and some people think that maybe the weapons industry too.

Culture Edit

About culture, it's known about Builder's Secret Books, deleted after Abidjan destruction and Builder's Demote. They were about 10 books, mainly about political plans, like expansions and treaties; a good historical source. Organizations like MIoRI bought copies of all the collection. In architecture, the main type of building was the skyscraper, very common in Abidjan.

Abidjan in its beginning.