The town of Alexandria was founded on October 17, 2014. It's Mayor was OwlCharles (Alexander the Great), its assistants were Tigerclawmatthew, Flooavenger, aidensawyer, and jdouble0100. Alexandria's was a part of the nation The Merchant's Union.

Urbanism Edit

It has 4 districts: Market, Residential, Industrial, and Government.

The tallest building currently is Pharos Tower (76 meters tall). The second tallest building is the DONREPANOCHA's Constructions HQ (60 meters tall). It is located on the Nile Delta and off the northern coast of Egypt. Alexandria was recently unified with the Antarctic Penninsula town Painniskaya.


Founding (Istanbul Era)Edit

Alexandria was not always called Alexandria. For a very short period of time, Alexandria was called Istanbul and was located on the on the Strait of Bosporus. Bosporus was not very flat, and was a thin stretch of land, so on The evening of October 17, 2014, OwlCharles decided to move the town to the fertile, flat, and large Nile Delta, founding Alexandria!

First EraEdit

The Nile Delta was chosen for its flatness and the off-coast NPC Village. The Port Bridge was the first structure to be built. It connected the village to the mainland. Next the Alexandria Watchtower was built, and the village was adapted to meet the needs of the citizens of Alexandria. On the mainland, the first houses were constructed. the next project was the City Hall,but then came the first skyscraper! Standing at an astounding 76 Blocks, Pharos Tower is a modern version of the ancient Lighthouse at Alexandria since pharos means lighthouse in Greek. After that, construction on the Great Library began. It is currently not complete (as of 11/4/14) but will eventually be home to many books and enchantment tables. The second skyscraper to be built is the DONREPANOCHA'S Constructions HQ that is 60 blocks tall.

2015-03-11 20.58.52

View of Alexandria Skyline, notice skyscraper to the far right with blue windows and stone slab walls is DONREPANOCHA's Construction Headquarters, The tallest tower in the middle that is mostly glass and stone/stone slabs is Alexandria United Nations Headquarters, and the Spruce wood tower to the far left is Pharos Tower. The small sandstone apartment is Alexandria Apartments, the unfinished structure to the far right is the Alexandria Library, and note the walls, gates, and houses in the background.

London-Ireland WarEdit

War broke out in London and Ireland. Ireland, whose ruler was kingcasey3, seceded from London,the mayor of London xexekeli decided to keep peace for a while, but declared Ireland an enemy. Ireland took this as an act of war, and attacked London, but was pushed back to New Waterford, which was destroyed with the help of Rome in the fighting. Ireland retreated and retaliated by destroying London, even as Alexandria tried to negotiate. Ireland went on a rampage, attacking Rome unsuccessfully, threatening Alexandria, and attacking Venice but retreating due to lack of online players. This war brought about the formation of the United Nations. Historians still aren't sure exactly who was to blame for the war, but this war revealed just how fragile peace is.