Some attributes
Nation No one
King (Mayor) Roboblockster?
Foundation August 2014
Location Eastern Spain
Amberes was a small town in eastern Iberian Peninsula, in Valencia coast,before the 1/10/2014 reset.

History Edit

Created in July 2014 by Roboblockster and a friend, was destroyed, griefed and sacked by Xexekeli (Lisbon) in the same month. It is called Lisbon-Amberes War. After that, it was an Archaeological Site, protected by Madrid first and by Lisbon then, until the reset.

Buildings and monuments Edit

All that we know about the town`s shape is information from archeology. In general, it was a very small town, a settlement. Only some buildings and a farm. See the next section (Archaeologic Site of Amberes) to see the buildings.

Archaeological Site of Amberes Edit

Madrid Epoch Edit

When DONREPANOCHA claimed Valencia Coast with the ruins inside, he protected them as Archaeological Site. All the information about the site was in a book, but it was lost in the 1/10/2014 reset. Those are the different parts of the site:

-The Amberes tombs: Two tombs, of the founders, probably made by Xexekeli.

-Farms: A small orchard to produce wheat. There was a roff in the past, but it was practically destroyed.

-¿Mines?: Short corridors under the ground. Its one bifurcated corridor.

There are also some not-identified things.

-Flying cobble. Some blocks of cobblestone floating above the mine`s entrance. It might have been a building, maybe the main one.

-Possible houses. In North-West part of the town, there were two square spaces. Maybe some houses or warehouses.

Lisbon Epoch Edit

When Madrid became South Madrid, in Argentina, they left Valencia Coast. DONREPANOCHA asked Xexekeli to protect the Amberes ruins and don`t destroy them. In general, Xexekeli respected the ruins, he only destroyed the floating cobble. He built a museum, the DONREPANOCHA Museum (in honour of the man that protected the ruins).

Finally, all disappeared in the 1/10/2014 reset.