Anti-Imperialism is a movement that was born in the wake of imperialist ideas and actions.

History Edit

Imperialism as we know it, was born in the epoch of WestAfrica expansions, in July-August of 2014, it meant the first (but low) repulse to big and utterly useless expansions.

Anti-imperialism, on the other hand, was born with DONREPANOCHA the Spanish Madrid in the continuation in Argentina, South Madrid, when the Iberian Empire (Lisbon) began to conquer all of Spain.  Other important anti-imperialist centers during the time were Bergen and Warsaw.

Ideology Edit

Anti-imperialism claims that a town cannot take an excess of land if they are not going to use it -this is done by all of the imperialistic towns- or if there are only a few citizens within the town. Examples include: Iberian Empire and Northern Europe

Anti-imperialists go against imperialism because they think that it "steals" territory that might be needed for smaller towns. This first happened to Spanish Madrid and then to Warsaw. Both towns were circled in September of 2014 by large towns with only two citizens.

The Bergen Law Edit

TheCarlagas, mayor of Bergen, -also a supporter of anti-imperialism- created a town law to avoid their own imperialism.

According to TheCarlagas: "We made a law in Bergen that means that you can't claim territory before using it to prevent Imperialism in Bergen."

Recalled to Action Edit

A few players fear that with the new reset here, other players are going to try and revive imperialism with claims of entire regions being annexed by a town. For example, dimavr2 recently announced that he is going to claim all of modern Greece.