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Atchy's construction of a tower in Bangkok

Atchy_SK was the first slovak player on the server. In his final days, he was mayor of Pressburg and minister of justice of the Ecumenical Empire .

Biography Edit

He has joined the server in summer 2014. His first teleport was to player Dimavr2 and his town Athens. His first plans were making a checkpoint, where Bratislava (capital of Slovakia) is. Soon, he decided to make a town called Bratislava. Dimavr2 invited to his nation, Ecumenical Empire. They became friends. Atchy_SK became minister of economy and soon minister of propaganda.

Atchy_SK invited some other slovak players (Nexter420 and misocool123) to this server and his town, but they were unactive.

After reset Edit

After reset, he made a town in Vietnam called Khyong, but he decided to sell the town to DominikWSP and then he joined xexekeli's town, London. He has built buildings like The Museum, The Cathedral, etc.

World War I Edit

He fought in World War 1. After winning, he destroyed much buildings in Ireland, because of agreement with kingcasey (If kingcasey don't surrender, Ireland will be destroyed).

After World War I Edit

Rage of kingcasey resulted in The Small War of London. He was one of the warriors that fought. He tried to make agreements, so kingcasey shouldn't grief London. But kingcasey didn't accept them and he griefed London

After the battle he repaired the city with xexekeli.

After leaving London Edit

After leaving London, he made a new town in northwest Australia, called Pressburg. He made a new nation called UKEH (United Kingdoms of Eastern Hemisphere).Lots of towns joined the nation. The first town was Kenya. Soon he renamed the nation to Wolfcoast Union. In December 2014, he disbanded WCU and let xexekeli make his own nation, because he wanted to save world from kingcasey's dictatorship. He was minister of defense of Democratic Union. Before disbanding Democratic Union, he planned to remake very old nation, Ecumenical Empire with dimavr2. He wanted dimavr2 to be the emporeor (as he was in the past). After disbanding Democratic Union, dimavr2 made Ecumenical Empire again after long time and Atchy_SK joined with his town Pressburg. Now, he is minister of justice of Ecumenical Empire.

Grave of Atchy_SK Edit

As of before the second reset, Pressburg has been renamed to the Grave of Atchy_SK, leading from the fact that Atchy_SK has left the server. Nobody is able to destroy anything within the city or teleport to its spawn. It can only be reached through the grave of another player, named dimavr2, located within close proximity of Atchy_SK's.