The Canary islands are near Africa West coast.

Madrid and Lisbon conflict Edit

Nobody cared them for a lot of time, but in August 2014, Madrid decided to conquer them to make a resort, Creepifyer3000`s project. When Creepi was in the Canarys preparing the project, xexekeli (Lisbon / Iberian Empire) went to the islands and stole them, claiming the bigger islands to make a resort too. After Xexekeli stole the islands and the idea, Madrid tried to protect the islands, claiming them to Ecumenical Empire, the Iberian Empire's nation, but nobody did nothing.

Finally, Madrid refused the project and the relations with Lisbon broke. This was the definitive trigger that caused the Great Madrid Migration, the move from Spain to Argentina.

The West Africa problem Edit

The islands stayed half conquered by Lisbon some days, and nobody built in them. But one day (last August days) 7_17builderS, dictator of West Africa, was expanding his town and took in a wrong a big square space with the Canarys inside. Lisbon became angry with West Africa and the dictator tried to repair it, but he never could unclaim the 100% of the wrong claimed space until the 1/10/2014 reset, it was too hard and slow. In Madrid, people laughed loudly when this accident happened and considered that it was because of the karma.

Here is a Timurid newspaper that talks about this accident.

Posted 15/9/14
====== NEW!

The Ecumenical Town "Iberian_Empire" has started claiming vast regions of northern Africa, and It's leader, Xexekeli, has threatened Timurid leaders of war multiple times. The reason for this aggresion is apparantly
"That we stole the Olympics" from him, and because Many Timurids disliked Xexekeli, because of his recent attacks/griefs on Havana.
The claiming of African Land is likely as a response to the accidental African Claiming that walled in the Canary Islands.

No comment yet by Xexekeli, or his superior, Dimvar2 ======