Caribbean Union
Motto Unknown
Some attributes
Other names Unknown
Evolution from... -
Evolution to... Timurid Federation
King xCodeNameEagle
Capital Managua
Important towns Managua

Havana Miami

Foundation Summer 2014
Disbanded 23th August 2014 (Cuban War)
The Caribbean Union was a nation in the old world (before the reset). It was formed by different towns in the Caribbean Sea. The leader was xCodeNameEagle, who was also emperor of the Merchants Republic after the reset. They used to be the owners of the Greenland Vassalage, before the Caribbean Union was disbanded, and they found themselves independent.

Towns Edit

Administration Edit

The Caribbean Union was organized into a Autocratic nation with a supporting Oligarchy for major decisions.

Prime Minister: Edit

Oligarchs: Edit

Notable Works Edit

Pan-American Trail(See full article, Pan-Am Trail): Edit

During the early-mid phases of the Caribbean Union, A trail was forged throughout North America and the Caribbean connecting many towns.

Cuban War(See full article, Cuban Wars): Edit

This was the second largest war in the history of the server, mainly between the Caribbean Union and West Afrika.