DONREPANOCHA, also known as Don Repanocha, Mr. Repanocha, Don, Donre, or Donresp, was the Spanish mayor of Madrid since 23 August 2014 until around 8 August 2015. He was the fourth Madrid mayor, after MarkusRabbit, Bradwalker12, and Barrold100. His successor, the fifth mayor, BooGreenCreeper renamed the town to Spanish Saigon. Don was one of the most popular and active players on the server, especially since the October Reset.

"Are you interested in donating any material for a skyscraper project?" -First days of DON.
"We are peaceful, not dumb." -DON regarding the civilians of the city of Madrid, when F1sh, in his opinion, became too annoying, some days before the invasion of Madrid.
"Arrrrgh!!! I want F1sh`s head rolling down on Madrid Square`s stairs!!!!!" -DON, getting mad during the invasion on Madrid led by the Great Federation's infamous leader.
"I told you!!! I told you that he was evil!!!!" -DON to an long-time supporter of F1sh after the latter player was banned.
"The wiki doesn`t create history. The players do it. The Wiki, and its staff, collect what the players create." -DON about the wiki.
"The books in Minecraft can be really painful. The may become that valious stuff what you keep in a chest, in your house, but you know someone will steal it soon or later." -DON, regarding Minecraft books, expecially ones with vital (historical) information in them.
"7tc" -A typical typing mistake made by DON, when changing chat to town chat, typing "7", instead of "/".

He cared a lot about culture. He was also a strong support of peace, as many have seen when he created the United Nations with OwlCharles, or the policy that he followed as the Ecumenical Empire`s king to stay out of all wars after F1sh was destroyed. In this policy, he kept good relations and alliances with many other nations, and decided to stay neutral when other nations fought.

Don was the true founder of the city of Madrid as we know the town today, He has been an important player of the server since the Reset. During the Second Era, he was mayor of the biggest town in the server (Madrid), and after the Ecumenical Empire disbanded, he stayed in his own City-State, Madrid/Tesla, for an attempt of isolationism.

During the Fifth Era, he founded Castilla

He is the co-creator of this wiki, with support from DominikWSP and TheCarlagas.