Dimavr2 (known as Dim) is the 1st Greek player that joined the server on 5th of July 2014. He is well known for his 1st town before the reset (Republic of Greece or Athens) that was a big success before the reset as a capital of one of the most important and big nations in history (a primitive version of the Ecumenical Empire). Dimavr2 became a helper in August after applying and a moderator in October. The Ecumenical Capital was then moved to Madrid, after the elections that Dimavr2 organized because he couldn't handle the war against F1sh98. He was the mayor of a peaceful town across Australia (Papua New Guinea) for some months, but then he quit from stuff and left the server for 2 months, deleting the town. He came back towards the end of the Second Era, and founded the town of Vaygach Island.

Third Era Edit

As The Second Reset Era rolled in with a new weapons, alliances, and opportunities, dim decided to found the city of Athens. Athens soon flourished with the construction of skyscrapers and other impressive builds, coming in as one of the one of the best cities of the start of the Third Era. It even ran its own newspaper for a time.

Eventually, dim got bored of Athens and left it in the hands of smashman4765.

After spending some months building in Africa, Dim officially left the server in December 2015.