DominikWSP (also Dom, Dominik, DominikBrussels, Vietnamer or The Outsider by joke) is a Polish player living in Belgium that plays on Minecraft Planet Earth. He is now known as BooGreenCreeper.


DominikWSP joined the server on September 15, 2014. The only players that were on at that moment were: [Explorer]General_Admiral_Xexekeli and [Helper]GAEcumentalLawbringer. He was a newbie, he didn't spoke very good English and was a bit lost on that server. When GA asked him: Where do you want to build?, he answered: Anywhere because he didn't know the purpose and working of Minecraft Planet Earth. When GA told him about the place where he was is Northern France, he started by calling his town Calais. Then DONREPANOCHA joined so they were 4 on the server.

The fall of Calais and WarsawEdit

A day (and more precisely September 21, 2014) DominikWSP saw that most of the servers' people make towns of their real-life living place. DominikWSP decided to start Warsaw, from where he come from. He, accompanied of Dapple55 and his brutal jokes, got to Poland then asked Dapple to sit here. He tped to Calais and asked GA if he can own 2 towns. When GA said no, he destroyed a half of the Calais town hall, and did /tpa to Dapple55. When he asked him: "Where we are?!?" he answered: "In North Korea XD" but it was just a joke, in reality they was in Bratislava and DominikWSP walked to Warsaw and created it. Warsaw got after it renamed Masovia.

The October ResetEdit

Masovia voted against the reset in the start, from the announcement on September 21, 2014, till September 28, 2014, when they switched to yes and voted yes on the website. Masovia remained 1-person town.

The WikiEdit

Under the idea of xex and Don, DominikWSP founded a wiki hosted on Wikia, at more precisely. He started a poll about that who created the 100th article get admin, but not if that person haven't a registered account. He have a idea of moving it to a shorter domain but still not sure.

After resetEdit

DominikWSP bought Khyong from Atchy and renamed it to Ho Chi Minh next Tieng Viet and finally Saigon. He founded the SMS union, an alliance with Madrid, next the Northern Union, an alliance with Berlin. After it both merged to form the SMS-Northern Union that finally became NMWCIC later renamed NMWMEC.

2015 plansEdit

Dominik plans to get a more "merged" NMWMEC and fill the towns to work as 1 community, even 1 town, and he started the SAMA project of secret military tunnels between all NMWMEC towns, that anyone can get at the entrance but no one can get in except who knows the PINcode, a redstone mechanism by Dom himself