Ecumenical Empire flag

Legendary flag of Ecumenical Empire

Ecumenical Empire (full name: The Ecumenical Empire, also known as Ecu) is one of the most important and longest standing nations in the world, being an independent nation since the summer of 2014.

History Edit

Ancient Ecu Edit

The Ecumenical Empire was created un the summer of 2014 by Dimavr2, a player from Athens, Greece. The Ecu reached 17 towns, gaining dominance and influence throughout the world. The nation mostly had towns in Europe but also in the Americas and Oceania. The capital of this powerful nation was Athens, aka Republic of Greece. The leader was Dimavr2, the Strategist was Xexekeli, the Minister of Propaganda was Atchy_SK and the Minister of Justice and Defense was MajorPAIN40. It was disbanded and most part of towns created a new nation, the European Union.

Return of the Ecumenical Empire Edit

Dimavr's age Edit

On January 4th of 2015, when OwlCharles and Darwin left Democratic Union and Papua New Guinea and Pressburg followed, the Democratic Union got disbanded and Dimavr2 set up the Ecumenical Empire again with Papua New Guinea as a capital. At that point with 9 towns (Papua New Guinea, Romme, Pressburg, Bangkok, Kenya, North Korea, Bordeaux, Madrid, Scottsboro), the Ecumenical Empire was the largest empire in the world. After the foundation of the Federation, Federationism and Ecumenicalism, and the beginning of the cold war, democratic elections were held and DONREPANOCHA was installed as leader with Madrid as the capital.

DONREP's age, xexekeli's regency and WW3. Edit

In February 2015, DONREP came with new ideas and propositions, but WW3 and Independence War of Madrid subsequently began. Strategist xexekeli temporarily installed himself as king to handle and control the conflict better. After the Ecu won the war, DON took the full crown again and Madrid became the capital.

DONREP's age after the war Edit

The king, DON, began to organize the new world's system. Thanks to the new diplomatic system, the Ecu stood out in next wars (Systematic Wars, others...) and established strong alliances with many other nations. One of the most important landmarks was the step forward in international cooperation that was the United Nations, which DON created with Owl.

The Ecumenical Empire was also an important player in the May Rebirth.

The Ecu has been traditionally one of the most important nations on the server, where most of the big and important cities like Bangkok, Papua New Guinea, Madrid, Pressburg, Chicago, Darwin and others were members.

Due to the Great Towny Glitch of 2015

The Ecumenical Empire no longer exists and the old capital of Madrid now owns a reincarnation of the nation Tesla.