(Not to be confused with real-life Imperialism!)

Imperialism is a term and a social policy in which a town or nation claims a large area of land that is either useless, vacant, or there to prevent others from claiming it.

Imperialism, due to new Towny values, is nonexistant as of The Third Reset Era,, and it`s almost impossible to replicate due to the fact that bonus claims have been severely limited.
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History Edit

"We only wanted to take Africa". Westafrican player talking about his nation. The one who said this has not been identified.
"We are caught in an island. A big one, but an island..." GA, complaining because WestAfrica only received the whole African continent in a treaty.
"I want all the Iberian Peninsula to be powerful". Xexekeli of Lisbon, trying to explain his acts.

The big size imperialism was born in WestAfrica, with 7_17builderS as leader, along July and August of 2014. It was born again after the WestAfrica fall in September, by european towns. Those european towns were the Iberian Empire (Portugal, Spain, France and North Africa), Northern Europe (all Center-East Europe, between Belgium, Poland, Serbia and Romania) and also, but in small size, Republic of Greece. Those towns were big claimed lands, but they had only 2 cityzens each one, (in this fact, the only exception was Greece, with more cityzens).

Along summer of 2014, the main nations played Risk instead of Minecraft and divided the whole world in insane treaties.

TimuridEcumenicalWestafrican treatiesmap

Imperialist claims during the first map.

Imperialistic towns Edit

Some good examples of Imperialism before the 1/10/2014 reset were: Northern Europe, the Republic of Greece, the Iberian EmpireRepublic of WestAfrica, and TexasWe must emphasize that the Imperialism was founded by: The Greeks, which founded four of the towns in the list.

Anti-imperialism Edit

It was the movement against the imperialist ideas.

See anti-imperialism.