Some attributes
Nation Unknown
King (Mayor) MellamaLlama
Foundation Before of June 2014
Location Eastern Mediterraneum
The town of Jerusalem was a small town before the 1/10/2014 reset. The founding of this city is attributed to MellamaLlama, and was a city in The Holy Empire

History Edit

Created a lot of time ago, never grew a lot. In the last months of the old map, the town was almost absolutely inactive. In that epoch, part of the town was sacked.

Buildings and monuments Edit

It was a small town, in general, compossed by some small sand buildings. But there were two important building

Babel tower Edit

A high apartments tower. According to a Madrid archaeological research, it was 88 blocks of high. The apartments costed around 2000 dollars. The last floor was DONREPANOCHA`s, leader of South Madrid in that epoch and of Madrid still, as holiday apartment.

Jerusalem temple Edit

A very big temple. It was big, but the architecture was very simple: a big half sphere on a big circle wall. The inside was a dark desert full of mobs. The materials were lapislazuli and gold, mainly. It was made with McEdit, but we dont know why.