The Madrid Tower was a tower built in South Madrid by DONREPANOCHA in Argentina. It had got 18 floors, and it lies between Montevideo Street, Goya Street and Christóbal Colón Street.

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The building is propierty of DONREPANOCHA Pancompany, the multinational that built it, and is the headquarter.

Floors Edit

  1. Hall
  2. Hall
  3. Coffe
  4. Offices of DONRE`s Constructions
  5. Bank of Madrid
  6. G&G Inc.
  7. 2nd Hall
  8. DON`s Company offices
  9. DON`s Company offices
  10. DON`s Company offices
  11. DON`s Company offices
  12. DON`s Company offices
  13. DON`s Company offices
  14. DON`s penthouse
  15. DON`s penthouse (second floor)
  16. Airport
  17. Highest room
  18. Flag of Spain
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Madrid Tower

Madrid Tower.