The style of Madritian building can be huge or can be small, depending of the use. The typical building is different for each period. Along Madrid history, the architecture has been always changing.

History Edit

Markusrabbit Age Edit

The wood building in the Middle Age hut style was the main one. There are some examples, like the central houses in the disappeared Old Madrid.

From Markus to the Great Migration Edit

The buildings turned into a more beautiful style, more baroque. Many different kinds of stone were used on it.There are some examples, like the Madrid Town Hall, the Madrid Agro-Storage and the bourgeois extensions (houses).

Great Migration and South Madrid Edit

The typical construction was the monumental architecture. Baroque buildings using stone and dark types of wood along big streets. There are some examples, like the Madrid Town Hall.

From the Reset (1/10) to the Stone Crisis (20/10 - 1/11) Edit

As continuation of the South Madrid style, the buildings need tons of stone. The stone was scarce, so the buildings took much time to finish. Examples: Madrid Bank, House Of Commerce.

-Stone Crisis (20/10 - 1/11). The buildings begin use more wood and also clay from Titicaca. The stone was released to a secondary and expensive material. Examples: Austrias Tower.

-Since November. After the first made by GA pickaxe arrived to the town, the stone could be used for more uses. The silk touch and other enhancements made possible mine much stone easily. The stone bricks became popular, used balanced with clay and dark wood. Examples: UN (now IPU) headquarter, WCU Economy Ministry, Market Square.

-Middle of December.

Appeared the Neo Herrerian style. Smaller buildings with simpler but good designs were built along smaller streets at North of Madrid. It was also used in some big avenues, also in big buildings, but its the typical style of the North. This new style appeared because the Government supported a faster growing in the town. Also, the population was growing more fastly and more houses were needed.

At same time than the Neo Herrerian, it appeared a new style began by the brothers JohnH1 and Florijac. This style is mainly oriented to huge modern structures. Examples: Madrid International Airport. In ancient part, appeared for big buildings a mix between Neo herrerian and Baroque: big stone buildings, but with a light decoration. Examples: House of the Banner, National Library.