MarkusRabbit, also known in Madrid as MarkusRabbit the Great, was the first Tesla's king and Madrid's first mayor. He is a national hero of Madrid because he was Madrid's original founder in Spain (see the first Madrid here).

He created the base of Madrid's policy and is deemed a national hero in Madrid. The biggest avenue in Madrid shares his name.

History Edit

MarkusRabbit return

MarkusRabbit in MIoRI building, when he returned to the server.

MarkusRabbit joined the server sometime in the summer of 2014 and joined MajorPAIN40's town, Belgrade. Due to this, Belgrade and MajorPAIN40 both are seen as important to Madrid's history. In Belgrade Markus built a brick government building, a farm, and a "lag machine" lava wall, which would later get him banned. From here he moved himself along with that brick building to Madrid and the tale goes on.