Moutain View
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Some attributes
Nation DMR Union
King (Mayor) Jordanisaac1
Foundation October 2014

Refoundation December 2014

Location South-West coast of Australia

Introduction Edit

Moutain View [sic] was a small town on the coast of south-west Australia. The Capital of the DMR_Union, Moutain View thrived on a small community and transportation industry.

Origins Edit

Moutain View was founded in late October 2014 by Jordan (jordanisaac1), brother of Kingcasey3. The first major project was the Apartments building, but after that Jordan became idle and the town was left stranded

In Mid-December, Jordan revisited the idea of the town by adding Alex (Nikee69), Padraig (PadraigS9) & Cian (Mewrio 64) to the town. In the last times before the town got inactive, the government was interested in building more infrastructure.

Facilities Edit

Moutain View tried to offer many facilities for residents. The Apartments building served middle class accommodation for residents while their house is being built or for external storage.
Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 22.24.20

Downtown Moutain View

The Public Mine had extensive room for strip mining and access to fully lighted caves, caverns and abandoned mineshafts.

The Tube Underground Subway system (incomplete) was going to be one of the projects about transport, a very important thing in the town`s ideology. In the same area, there were projects to build The Upcoming Moutain View International Airport, an airport that would have offered daily flights to all of the DMR Union's towns and other major cities and destinations all over the world, according to Mountain View sources.

The Moutain View bridge was the iconic landmark of the city and connected the downtown area to the Airport and the upcoming strip mining facilities. A residential area with a fountain was also present with an enchanting room and plot areas. The Moutain View Agricultural factory was on the edge of downtown and offered an underground farming area.

And most importantly, Moutain View served as the capital city to the DMR Union. The massive government building was truly a landmark to the city and government and nation officials used to meet and discuss there regularly.

Moutain View`s ideology was based on small community, transportation and society. According to Moutain View sources, the town of Moutain View tried to take the best in society, small community and transportation to provide a lively town experience.

Bankruptcy and raid Edit

In April 2015, the town went bankrupt, and fell, and was soon raided by many players.