NMWMEC statue as of 12-12-2014

NMWMEC leaders statue at 12 december 2014; (from left to right) DominikWSP, DONREPANOCHA, SassySimmer, OwlCharles, jordanisaac1, JDVcrafter, xexekeli, Atchy_SK, TheMking, TheCarlagas.

NMWMEC (No More War Militar-Economical Community), previously known as NMWCIC (No More War Coal Iron Community) is a town alliance where all members can't war between them and need to share all their coal and iron with the other members.

Pre-reset epochEdit

The relationships of Calais next Warsaw with Madrid was forever good but there was no a real alliance.

SMS union epochEdit

After the reset, Tieng Viet created an economical alliance called SMS union with Madrid

Northern Union epochEdit

Next, Tieng Viet created an alliance with Berlin called Northern Union.


Both alliances merged next to form the SMS-Northern Union including Tieng Viet, Madrid and Berlin.

Beginning of NMWCICEdit

After starting of the SMS-Northern Union DominikWSP realized that the union was an alliance without real purposes. He created it, completely changed and reformed it and turned it into NMWCIC. Next other towns joined. They are currently 9.