The New World is the term that server historians and MIoRI uses to talk about the current world, after the reset. In the other hand, the Old World is the term server historians use to talk about the server before reset. A key difference of the Old World and the New World is the spawn.

Key Differences Edit

Spawn Edit


View of New World Spawn from inside.

The first and one of the most important differences is the spawn. The Old World Spawn was big, had a train station, Pet keeper, and had a VIP room. It was practically bigger than needed. In the other hand, the New World Spawn has an optimal size. It contains a gun recipe tutorial, an aircraft tutorial, a plane shop (currently closed), and 2 portals to Christmas Adventure and Creative worlds.

Anti-Imperialism and Politics Edit

In the Old World, there was a big trend to claim places that weren't used (that way new players couldn't find territories easily), it was called Imperialism, by historian DONREPANOCHA. Good examples of Imperialism in the Old World were Yamossoukro and Iberian Empire (Lisbon). But then, Anti-Imperialist towns appeared. Some of them were: Madrid (DONREPANOCHA ) and Bergen (TheCarlagas aka ErikTheRed). In the New World, that trend disappeared. There's practically no imperialism in the New World (Not completely %100, but at least %95).