New York City
New York
New York in May
Some attributes
Nation USA
King (Mayor) CJN221
Foundation October 2014
Location North-East of USA
2015-05-28 08.08.06
2015-05-28 08.11.55


New York population in the last weeks of its life was one, the inactive mayor CJN, who left the server. In October 19, 2014, the list of citizens was:

CJN221, DumbInACan, baidun, kobepic, mazumon, PokemonMasta379, rickyn12345, MirandaBrawner, Mikee675d, blackout5o5, Whazup004, chillydom, minecraftrules84, AbsurdAj, and 7gfboy

The Town Edit

The town of New York was founded by player CJN221 after the 1/10/2014 reset. It is located on the north-eastern coast of North America. It runs on the minecraft chunk-plot system, every town plot perfectly matches the Minecraft chunks, but this system gave the town a bad appearence (according to many people). The area of New York used to hold 28 plots/chunks in 19/Oct/14. New York used to have an outpost in Louisiana where the towns farms are kept. It currently holds some abandoned skyscrapers, The Miami storage center, the Community storage center, the Town and Nation Embassy, the All Purpose Tower, and the Apartments. It is still possible to visit the ruins of this city.

Decadence Edit

The mayor, in the heyday of the city of New York, claimed that the city "is one of the most richest, powerful, popular cities on the server". Far from the truth, the town heard in its last weeks many accusations. The town was considered by some "corrupt" and "ugly" also, the mayor lost much popularity in his last weeks do to some issues with other staff members, and decided to politely resign from office. According to many people, the mayor`s only objective was to reach the million of dollars, forgetting his citizens, however this wasn't exactly true, as the mayor provided each citizen with plenty of land and start-up materials, as well as town jobs making good money for the will of the town. The town of Washington became the new USA capital after NYC died.

Rebirth Edit

Months later, AbsurdAj re-made the town with a non-player character as the mayor, called NPC_. He called it New_York and its only citizen is the NPC_. But it was only claimed to be preserved. As of May 27, 2015 the town has been re-established by CJN221 himself. Many architectural masters of the server bash most of the high rises for being "absolutely and utterly atrocious. Almost as bad as brutalist architecture."