North Madrid

North Madrid, seen from a dirt tower.

North Madrid (formerly Montevideo) is a town in south-east Uruguay that existed before the 1/10/2014 reset. The mayor of Montevideo was Tigerclawmatthew, until it's disbanding. It then was claimed by Abuja as an outpost It was an outpost of Abuja,West Africa until the fall of West Africa. It's mayor is OwlCharles. Montevideo became North Madrid at 20/09/2014, when the South Madrid was established in Argentina.


North Madrid Tower Streets at North Madrid are unnamed. ,

Monuments and buildings

North Madrid Apartments is the tallest building in North Madrid.
Cocoa Tower is a tower in North Madrid, from what top you can see the entire town. It is currently a cocoa bean farm, the largest in North Madrid. It is the oldest structure in North Madrid, built during the Montevideo era.

The Uruguay-Argentina Bridge connects North Madrid to South Madrid. It is built across North Madrid harbor.

1/10/2014 Reset

North Madrid is allied with South Madrid and Warsaw and is part of The European Union.