Northern Europe (formerly Belgrade, Yugoslavia, Jugoslavija) was a imperialist town including Belgium, Northern France, Germany, Southern Denmark, former Yugoslavia, little exclaves in Sweden, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Romania and Lithuania. Amazingly, this town was populated by only 2 citizens, meaning half of Europe was ruled by 2 people. Northern Europe along with many other towns that did this were considered imperialistic.


After helping DominikWSP building the Calais Town Hall, Liakgas_GR got from DominikWSP useful information and got a place in Middle France. With the helpers help, Liagkas created a town named Odyland. The Ecumenical Empire started to propose a deal with Odyland, but Odyland rested independent. A few minutes later, Liakgas created his own nation, named The Ody's Empire. Ody's Empire proposed non-stop deal with Calais to take it, but Calais rested Ecumenical. With the helpers help, Liagkas renamed its town Paris. dimavr2 talked with DominikWSP about a war with Ody's Empire, but the war isn't started.

Xexekeli's arrivalEdit

Being a real life friend of Liagkas, xexekeli made his town Iberian Empire a part of the Ody's Empire. He was named Prime Minister of Ody's Empire. xexekeli, after getting more power on Ody's Empire, renamed it The European Federation. Paris grown, became imperialistic and was renamed Northern Europe. Finally, Calais owned by DominikWSP joined EF. Some time after, Calais was deleted and Northern Europe took its ruins. DominikWSP created a new town named Warsaw that joined EF. Next, EF became The European Union and Liagkas totally lost power over his nation, but Northern Europe rested with EU.

Fusion with BelgradeEdit

Rapidly, a member of the EU, Belgrade grew to become Yugoslavia. When Yugoslavia bordered Northern Europe, Yugoslavia's mayor, MajorPAIN40 made a merging pact that would but MajorPAIN40 in control of the empire. He then moved the capital to Berlin.

Maximal grow phaseEdit

NE annexed Poland (without independent Warsaw), Slovakia (without independent Bratislava), Czech Republic (including Prague Ruins), Lithuania (including Vilnius Ruins), Lettonia, Estonia and Romania (without independent Romania Town). MajorPAIN40,  ancient Yugoslavia's mayor, made the empire independent from the EU.

Announcement of reset and unclaimingEdit

After announcement of the 1/10/2014 reset, on 21/09/2014 NE unclaimed territories annexed in maximal grow phase and moved capital to Belgrade. Today, few people remember this town.

Polemic Edit

This town is still now quiet hated because all the problems that caused. It is reminded as the town with only 2 citizens conquered half Europe, almost ruining Warsaw, Bratislava and some other towns; towns that were rounded by Northern Europe's claimed land.