Northern Union
Motto [None]
Some attributes
Other names Greenland
Evolution from... A vassal state of the Caribbean Union
Evolution to... A "socialist" three-town nation spanning from Greenland to Scandinavia
King Flyingaero119
Capital Tasiilak
Important towns Tasiilak



Foundation Late August 2014 (during the aftermath of the Cuban War)
Disbanded Wasn't disbanded, but was lost in the October Reset.
The Northern Union (NU) was a nation in the old map, before the 1/10/2014 reset. The capital was Tasiilak, and the leader of this nation was Flyingaero119.

Before it was the Northern Union,the city was a part of the Caribbean Union, as a vassal state. After the disbanding of the Caribbean Union, the city became independent, and the Northern Union was formed.

Forum Post on the Northern Union Edit

This is an abriged description about this nation, written by Flyingaero119 on the forums in 31 August 2014. The format is more like a log entry, rather than a description:

Never got a chance to talk about the Northern Union, playing on the server more than posting on the forums:

...the Northern Union (Formerly Greenland Vassalage) is now independent since the fall of the Caribbean Union. Since then, we have annexed Reykjavik, Iceland, to our great nation.

Tasiilak, the capital, has experienced some theft, so all warehouse boxes have been deadbolted and...will change in just a few days.

We on our capital building/town hall, and more housing...

The nation had an alliance with the Mongols, and therefore fought on their side in the wars that they engaged in.

History Edit

One of few things that the Northern Union was known for was participating in the Timurid-Mongol War, and voting "Yes" toward what would become the October Reset

Towns Edit

The only N.U. towns were: