The 1/10/2014 reset is a complete server reset done by the Admin justin_393 on October 1, 2014.

Announcement Edit

The reset was announced by justin_393 on Sunday, 2014, September 21 on Minecraft Planet Earth's Website. At 15:32 he posted:

Hey guys,

I have started throwing around the idea of updating the server map. Our version is outdated (v 1.0) and the new version (v2.0) is completely remade. Different biomes, different tree types, and smoother landscapes. All in all it looks like actual earth. You can view a sample of v 2.0 here

What we would do is completely reset the server stats, so you would lose every item, homes, etc. If you donated you would keep your items, and all ranks would be kept. Every crucial building, such as spawn, and warps would be kept.


- Smaller ocean height

- Most of the map is flat, with defined hills

- Ores are closer to the surface

- Ocean level is 62 (Like default vanilla) Allowing for taller mountains and buildings compared to our current 162 ocean height

- Structures WILL spawn

- A lot more lakes

- Economy will be fixed

- Admins will actually play in survival (Possibly a disadvantage? )


- Towns would be lost

- Player data will be lost


- I will personally code a plugin to give EVERYONE who has EVER played on our server a compensation of some kind (We can have a massive poll with all the options if we decide to reset)

For more detailed information about the changes in v 2.0 watch this video:'

Referendum Edit

The referendum started at 15:39, 2014, September 21 and ended at 2014, October 1, the day of Reset. The results of the referendum were:

Yes: 17 votes

No: 3 votes

Neutral: 1 vote

Reset Edit

There were very few cities voting against reset. Examples are Warsaw, Cascadia, and South Madrid. Some of these towns changed their mind some weeks after the Reset (Madrid). Most cities voted for reset. Examples are Iberian Empire, or Bergen.

Spawn post reset

Spawn in Greenland After Reset