This is an article about the ancient Berlin, before the reset. To read about MajorPAIN40's and Mr Chicken's Berlin after the Reset, see Berlin. Edit

The town of Berlin, now known as Old Berlin, was a town before the reset.

History Edit

Created by MajorPAIN40 in summer of 2014, it was destroyed in a war.

After the town was abandoned, the city was sacked and pillaged. Other people traveled there and destroyed everywhere, took everything, valuable or not, and most of the buildings materials. Berlin was forgotten for a long time, until it was remade after the reset by Sassy, as a tiny settlement which never was developed. Afterwards, using manipulation, MajorPAIN40 took control of Sassy's settlement and made the Berlin the presently stands in Germany.

See Berlin

The town Edit

The town was small and simple. A small city circle with some buildings around.

The main building was Jägerheinz (Jaegerheinz) Tower, a very high and thin skyscraper. It was made of cobblestone, with the flag of the first german reich on top. That top was made up of 3 gold blocks. The Berlin Tower was used for apartments. Most part of them were simple apartments, and the two last ones were penthouses.

The other main building was the town hall, which was roughly based off the Reichstag building. The other two buildings were a weird medium size wood building that was a planned military place by Jdouble100 that was never completed and a glass and quartz meeting centre that would be a UN headquarters. The latter had a conference hall underground which was used as a meeting room.