Papua New Guinea I (PNGI) was a peaceful town across Australia owned by RocketPowerXD. It was created in October 2014 by Dimavr2. It was located next to a jungle forest, that was a source of wood for the town. It was also the capital and founder of the most powerful nation and the oldest alive one so far.

The town consisted of a City Hall, the port, 5 houses, the hotel , the Cathedral of St. Mary and the huge Parliament of Ecumenical Empire. There was also a bank, the Bank of Papua. There was a lot of new stuff in Papua, even an airport.

The nearest town was Pressburg. The mayor of Pressburg, Atchy_SK, was a very good friend of Dimavr2, and there was a bridge that links the two towns. The owner was creating another town, so the new mayor was RocketPowerXD and the capital of the Ecumenical Empire was Madrid. Both towns disappeared in the reset before the Second Reset Era.