Phnom Penh
Phnom Penh
Some attributes
Nation Merchants Republic

Wolfcoast Union Democratic Union Ecumenical Empire Republic of Indochina

King (Mayor) 7_17BuilderS
Foundation October 2014
Location Southern Asia, Cambodia
The town of Phnom Penh  was a city in Southeast Asia. Area-wise, once one of the biggest, is usually compared with the sizes of cities like Abidjan and Axim. The mayor was 7_17builderS and was part of the Merchants Republic. It disappeared sometime during World War 3, when it was used as a get-rich-quick area for the Great Federation. It wass part of the town of Bangkok, which used it as a farm, buut disappeared during The Third Reset Era.

Buildings & Monuments Edit

The town`s construction and some of its infrastructure resembled that of a Southeast Asian village, with small, wooden houses, similar to what you might find in real life while visiting Indo-China. The buildings of this town were located around a central square, with the town hall. The most famous building in Phnom Penh was the blue tower, the tallest building in the city. It also had a statue and a giant tower with an end portal.

Economy Edit

Once one of the world's largest exporters of food, the economy of this town was primarily based on agriculture. The huge farms in the city produced wheat, potatoes, and carrots massively, Phnom Penh was the main primary food exporter in the world.

Phnom Penh

Phnom_Penh Farms

Use During World War 3 Edit

Through a deal with those two controlled the town sometime in February of 2015, F1sh98 and his entire nation gained rights to use this farmland. They stopped growing the carrots and potatoes, and instead, for financial purposes, just grew wheat and made significant money off of this land.

Hidden TunnelsEdit

Recently, a fateful discovery was made by player yellowrockerman and his irl friends smashman4765, emmettmaster, and GymSock17. Under the town's spawn, were a link of systems that are suspected to have been dug out by BuilderS. The contents were immensely valuable, with brewing stands, tools, materials, and a BADLY overflowing automated cactus farm. It has also been found that the underground base links to a massive natural cave system and abandoned mineshaft (mineshaft long looted and naturally spawned in).

MajorPAIN40 has claimed of already knowing of these tunnel's existance and had looted them after the Collapse of Phnom Penh (see below).

8bit_craftr and Netherjon had also discovered underground tunnels before because of a small opening in a ruined house and looted a few tunnels, and found lots of diamonds, emeralds, and other valuables.


The fate of Phnom Penh remains unknown, though some speculate that the city went bankrupt after a while.

Succession from BangkokEdit

After The Great Towny Glitch of 2015, player netherjon claimed the town for himself as ordered by his friend, 8bit_craftr, to claim as much of the city as possible to prevent looting and greifing.