The town of Pressburg was a town in northwest Australia. Its mayor was Atchy_SK. This town was a member of Ecumenical Empire. It was made in November 2014 by player Atchy_SK . The nearest town to Pressburg was Papua New Guinea. There was a bridge, which connected these two towns. 

The town Edit


A poster of the National Court in Pressburg

The town was divided into two parts by a river: South Pressburg and North Pressburg. North Pressburg was the older part. There was the Notre Dame of Pressburg, a port, a castle, and the National Court of the Ecumenical Empire. South Pressburg was home to the PBG Group, which had two towers there, known as the PBG Towers. There was also the Ecumenical Tower and an airport.

A memorial statue was built in the city early in March of 2015 commemorating the fall of F1sh98, Mendoza, and the Great Federation.


In December 2014, it was threatened by kingcasey3.

Grave of Atchy_SK Edit

Some time in May, 2015, Pressburg had been renamed to the Grave of Atchy_SK, leading from the fact that Atchy_SK had left the server. Nobody was able to destroy anything within the city or teleport to its spawn. It could only be reached through the grave of another player (The Grave of dimavr2), located within close proximity of Atchy_SK's.


Numerous chests within Pressburg were claimed by Atchy and even a few were discovered to be owned by inactive Darwinian mayors such as OnionHunter and Tracenator3, the contents within these chests are unknown.