The Republic of Greece, also knew as Athens or simply Greece, was an important european town before the 1/10/2014 reset. It was the capital of the Ecumenical Empire. It`s last mayor was DONREPANOCHA (second half of September 2014), also and mainly mayor of South Madrid, but the main mayor of the town was Dimavr2, who also created it.

History Edit

Dimavr2 epoch Edit

In the past, the town was created by the greek Dimavr2, in the Greek penisnula, before the 2014 summer. Along the summer, in the urbanistic fact, the town wasn`t developed a lot. But it was claiming new plots to complete all the real Greece, and then they claimed part of North Africa. The most part of the claimed space never was used (imperialism). They made a primitive nation, called Mediterranean Empire, and then it changed into Ecumenical Empire.


In second half of September 2014, the Madrid mayor, DONREPANOCHA, bought Athens for 10.000.000 dollars. A governor was the mayor in DONREPANOCHA`s place. The governor was subject to the DONREPANOCHA`s decisions, because he was the real mayor, but is impossible be in two towns at the same moment. The 1/10/2014 reset was the Athen`s final. They voted YES.

Buildings and monuments Edit

In general, the streets were narrow and there were some fountains in the town. All was cyrcled with a wall. Important were the port, two skyscrapers, the bank...

Economy Edit

The Greece`s economy was bassed mainly in administrative activities as Ecu`s capital. Also the finances and the port`s activities.