Rome is, currently, a town in Europe. It's famous because Rome was founded and desintegrated many times, with diferent mayors.

History Edit

Ancient Age

Probably, there were lots of Romes before MajorPain's Rome, but we haven't got any information.

MajorPain's Age

The first Rome Age that we know of is MajorPain's. He created the small settlement of Rome after Berlin and Beograd were destroyed. It existed for some days, but then, the town disappeared.

Bgrape's Age

After a long time, Bgrape made a New Rome. It was the Golden Age of Rome. Bgrape created also a nation with capital in Rome, the Roman Empire. The town had got many streets made yet (this good urbanistic planification is typical in Bgrape's towns, for example, Cahokia), but the space for buildings were never used. After some wars against Ecumenical Empire, in which he conquered the Balear Islands, the town finally disappeared in September 2014.

Dimavr2's Age

The Ecumenical Empire's ruler, Dimavr2, decided in September to sell his town, Athens, and build a new capital. He was founded that capital in Rome, but the reset announcement stopped the project.

Staff Age (After Reset)

After the reset, the town was created again by some admins and moderators. It is its current age. Rome was part of the Merchants Republic. Now, it has got a practically staff nation: the Holy Roman Empire.