Some attributes
Nation Timurid Empire
King (Mayor) xCodeNameEagle
Foundation Summer 2014
Location Post Soviet Central Asia Region
Samarqand was a town located in the desert of the former Soviet Union, specifically Uzbekistan, run by xCodeNameEagle. It was the capital of world power The Timurid Dynasty, which later became The Timurid Empire. It was close by to countries in real life Former Soviet Asia such as Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Georgia, all nations at one point hosting a town in the in game Timurid Empire. Sadly, the town disappeared after the October 2014 reset.

Buildings Edit

Samarqand, like most cities had a town hall and a few houses. But, there is also a mosque, visitors' center, stables, mine, enchanting room, and voting booth. Most of the builds in Samarqand were stone, sandstone, or wood. The streets were cobblestone, and the side streets have stone slabs as sidewalks. On the outskirts of the city there was a garden, as proof of life in the desert.

Conflicts Edit

Samarquand, being the center of a massive empire, was usually involved in global conflicts, providing aid and military support in multiple wars and conflicts throughout the pre-reset world. There was also a short term gang war fought between Austin1856's gang and MajorPAIN40's gang. MajorPAIN40 and his crew quickly sniped out and murdered Austin's gang to the point of them having nothing and getting banned. This conflict is scarcely known.

Residents Edit

xCodeNameEagle (Mayor) (Khan?) Also founder of Venice and Managua.







Nathan_Watne (Assistant)