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The Statue of Peace was a statue made by Xexekeli in Lisbon, in the port. It was one of the first things in Lisbon.

In the image, Xexekeli holds a pickaxe near the statue. Is`s also possible to see a Fighter Plane at left.

The sculpture Edit

It was a lion statue. The lion was made with quartz blocks and cobblestone.

Polemic Edit

This statue had got some polemic in Old Madrid, and in it`s evolution, South Madrid . The Statue of Peace was made some days before the conflicts between Old Madrid and Lisbon. The conflict wasn`t a war only because mayor of Madrid avoid it; Xexekeli always was trying make it a war.

Artistic influence Edit

In Old Madrid, DONREPANOCHA built a fountain bassed in the Statue of Peace, the Lion Fountain, a fountain with the Lisbon`s lion head.

Also, many lion statues like this one appeared after the october reset. One of them was in the British Museum (now abandoned, and the lion is gone, and its remains destroyed after the reset), and the other was built near Papua New Guinea church.