Tasiilak in its early days. Photo courtesy of AbsurdAj.

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Tasiilak was a town before the 1/10/2014 reset. It was the Northern Union`s capital. The mayor of Tasiilak was Flyingaero119, the Northern Union`s leader.

Symbol Edit

The symbol of Tasiilak was the Diamond Pickaxe. It symbolized the impossible Meritocratic Communism that was put into effect in the town.

Buildings and Monuments Edit

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Like other Northern Union towns such as Bergen, Tasiilak had a few buildings and a harbor. The harbor was the most important area of the city, with a wooden cargo ship and an unfinished submarine. Plans on building a lighthouse, and expanding the residential and commercial districts were scrapped after the announcement of a map reset.

Lore Edit

It is unknown if this actually happened, but it is rumored that the leader of the Northern Union, Flyingaero119, gave away all of his wealth and declared TheCarlagas leader of the Union a few days before the 1/10/2014 reset.