Motto Unknown
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Evolution from... Nova
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King MarkusRabbit


Capital Old Madrid


Important towns Madrid


Foundation June-July 2014

Refoundation May-June 2015

Disbanded Late August 2014
The nation of Tesla was a nation in the server with capital in Madrid (Old Madrid in those days) probably created by MarkusRabbit. It was a small nation until DONREPANOCHA, third madrid mayor, deleted it.

History Edit

It was created by MarkusRabbit a bunch of months ago. He created Madrid to be its capital. The first king was MarkusRabbit, then Bradwalker, and DONREPANOCHA was the last one. He disbanded the nation in August. To keep Teslan legacy, the title of `King of Tesla` was kept for the mayor in Madrid forever, and Madrid stayed half-independent in the next towns that it joined, so they still could live under Teslan traditional laws. Tesla never was very important, but its ideology got difussion after it was disbanded, because Madrid became important using the ideology and it was followed in other towns too. The second main street in Madrid is called Tesla Avenue.

It was an option in a referendum about nations in January 2015, where it was option C. The option was to remake Tesla, an independentist choice towards the option about stay in Ecumenical Empire. Part of Madrid citizens voted for it, and independence as Tesla and there were a high independentism. The independentism calmed down in next weeks, and even Madrid was elected capital of Ecu.

Etymology Edit

The name is because the scientist Nikola Tesla, the MarkusRabbit`s favourite scientist.

Towns Edit

King of Tesla title Edit

As historical nation and important part of Madrid`s history, the Madrid`s mayors still have got the title of Kings of Tesla. So, the currently King of Tesla is DONREPANOCHA.

Return of Tesla Edit

On May 29th, 2015, The Great Towny Glitch of 2015 commenced as all towns and nations were erased, causing a severely damaged economy and a power vacuum in which nations attempted to swallow up new towns being formed across the globe being sucked in by countries purely looking to export global power from them.

When Madrid's boundaries were re-established, famed player DONREPANOCHA, former ruler of the Ecumenical Empire, re-founded the ancient nation of Tesla. Tesla is still expanding after the Glitch, but is expected to grow to the size as its ECU predecessor. Anyway, Tesla isn`t very interested in adding towns recently because Madritians are busy with town`s issues. Since Madrid doesn`t have a huge nation to rule, it has experienced a large growing, mainly in economy and construction.