The Timurid Federation was a nation before the 1/10/2014 reset. It was created as the ``first democratic nation in the server´´. Which did hold Presidential Elections, Giving Eagle power 6-4 over Au4.

History Edit

Was created in 25 August of 2014 by Eagle, Robertlemon and Au4. Announcement on the forums:


Au4, xCodeNameEagle, and robertlemon are working to found the Timurid Federation.
In the wake of WWXII, Many CU members are finding refuge in moving to central Asia.

This will be the first Democratic Nation, with freedom for all, and voting. The constitution is still being finalized, but the city of Samarqand wil be the capitol, ruled by an elected President. We will work to promote world peace, liberty, and fairness.
The interim capitol and leader are Karakol and Au4.

May this work out, and implement democracy succesfully.

After that, the Timurid Federation expanded in central Asia until it disappeared finally in the reset.

Towns: Edit