Tokyo was one of the first cities in the New World, after the reset. It was the capital of Japan, and its king was EmperorKaragasu (aka TheCarlagas). It was founded in October 8, 2014, and refounded by Kingcasey3 one month later.


Emperor Karagasu's First AttemptEdit

2014-09-27 19.15.35

Old Tokyo

Before the reset, even before EmperorKaragasu made Bergen, he tried settling Tokyo. At first, everything was normal. But after Builder knew about that, he claimed everything around Tokyo, prohibiting Tokyo from expansion. EmperorKaragasu attempted to fight against this land claiming with the help of Zatos and Flyingaero119, but did not succeed in the end. Therefore, Tokyo was abandoned.

Tokyo's FoundationEdit

In October 8, 2014, with help of Builder, Karagasu got to Japan. He built Tokyo's First Soushi (Shinto Shrine). Just after that, Karagasu began a little road to go to Tokyo's Mines. The next day, he began building the Imperial Palace.

Rebirth (unassociated with the earlier attempts) Edit

In late November 2014, kingcasey3 moved to Japan, an unclaimed country at the time, occupied only by ruins. He rebuit the city, and then created the United Republic, a powerful merciless nation that took over the world at a point in December.

This town later evolved into Royal Japan.