The Treaty of Karakorum was a hoax, an artificial treaty between Timurids and Mongols, in 31 August of 2014.

The treaty Edit

Posted on the forums in 31/8/2014 by Eagle.


Big News today coming from Asia, the treaty of Karakorum has been signed off by both parties involved (Timurids and Mongols). The terms are that the Timurids will only expand between the cities of Karakol and Jerusalm, and the Mongols get everything east of Karakol. Stealing each others residents and/or towns will be considered and act of war. The Timurids are hoping that this will prevent war in the escalating conflict in Asia.

The end of the treaty Edit

The same day of the declaration, TheCarlagas, from the Mongols, postet:

I'm glad to say that the Treaty of Karakorum was fake. I destroyed the book and I'll invade the Timurids soon.

After that, began a war, the Timurid-Mongol War.