United Republic
Motto Vivat Rex (Long live the king).
Some attributes
Other names -
Evolution from... Tokyo
Evolution to... N/A
King Kingcasey3
Capital Tokyo


Important towns Tokyo


Foundation November 2014 (Kingcasey3/MinerV)

Rebirth July 2015 (Kingcasey3/MinerV)

Disbanded November 2014 (kingcasey)

Rebirth: Summer 2015

The United Republic, officially; "His Majesty's United Republic of Great Kingdoms and Kings" was a powerful dictatorship first founded by Kingcasey3 in late November 2014. Its first capital was Tokyo.

At its highest point, the great empire contained all but 3 towns in the entire server. It owes its power to a server towny reset that occured shortly before its founding, rendering all towns nationless. Kingcasey3 saw a chance to rise to power again, and took it, creating the nation and inviting all towns. 2 weeks after it was founded, the Democratic Union rose and began to steal towns. Angered, kingcasey3 and The_local_dude marched to its capital, Darwin intending to start another war. OwlCharles kept all his town citizens offline, refusing to fight. To change this, king and local flew to Madrid, where they claimed 2 chunks of land, and destroyed a hotel to get their message across.

For more see World War 2

History Edit

This nation`s enemy always was Democratic Union.

Many people believed, that its anger against other peaceful nations and towns would result in next World War. It happened in World War 2 against Democratic Union.

The nation was remade two sporadic times. First by OwlCharles when he seceded of Democratic Union, with capital in Darwin. The second one, too in Darwin, was by Tracenator when Darwin left Great Federation.